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February 2023
03:00 PM PST
February 2023
06:05 PM PST

About Our Auction

This fundraising auction is to help with expenses for the Sisu Theatre Society production of "No Wonder!" by Matti Kurikka.

"No Wonder!" is a one-act comedy written in 1885 while Matti Kurikka was in Helsinki, Finland. The play is a romantic romp of mistaken identity.

Rehearsals begin mid-February, with the production presented at the Finnish Organization Hall May 12, 13 and 14, 2023.

Expenses for this production include:
- Rehearsal Hall Rental
- FO Hall Rental
- Costume rental, materials (from hats to shoes to bustles)
- Set materials and build (wood, paint, fabric, etc)
- Props materials and construction
- Printing programs, posters, scripts, tickets
- Technical equipment rental (lighting, sound, recording)

Matti Kurikka (1863-1915) is best known in Finnish and Finnish-Canadian history as the charismatic utopian socialist who founded the Sointula communal settlement in BC in 1901, and as an important figure in the turn-of-the-century Finnish labour movement. But he also wrote plays in an early stage of his life. "Ihme Kos Tuo!" (No Wonder!) premiered in 1885.

About Sisu Theatre Society

Sisu Theatre is based in Sointula, BC. The company provides theatrical experiences and opportunities for and by the community.
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