Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory Art Auction!

SHOW YOUR LOVE! Art by People for the Planet
November 2020
01:00 AM EST
November 2020
12:15 AM EST
GOAL $1,500.00
171.0% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Dear Wildlife-Art Lover,

Thank you for coming to SHOW YOUR LOVE's art fundraiser for the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory (BPBO)! We and all birds really appreciate your interest and support.

Scroll down for featured artworks!

Why make a bid?

1. All proceeds from your purchase will support the BPBO's work to protect birds. Your purchase comes at a memorable time in history, as it is more challenging to fundraise during this COVID period, and the BPBO relies on one big fundraiser per year for part of its yearly operations.

2. Your purchase will support Canadian artists! Purchasing one of the pieces in this auction will give you a story to tell about how you came to own your unique artwork. The more you talk about your art, the better it will be for the artist, as artists rely partly on word of mouth to promote their art! So fun.

3. Birds are in trouble. I don't have to go into detail as I'm sure you've watched a documentary or two that touch on this issue. The BPBO's work in the area of migration monitoring feeds into conservation science and initiatives that help to ensure the long term survival of our feathered friends - through the good times and bad times.

4. SHOW YOUR LOVE is a brand! When you make a purchase, you're purchasing a unique, collectable, signed and dated piece of artwork that was part of SHOW YOUR LOVE's historic mission to situate art & love at the centre of our struggle to protect wildlife and natural habitat. You'll forever own a piece of art from this timely initiative. And you can come back in future renditions to add to your collection!

5. We'll give you a big thank you note by listing all of our donors/art buyers on SHOW YOUR LOVE's website! You can remain anonymous if you choose, but your purchase will ensure that your name will forever live on our Wildlife-Art Lovers page!!

As per charitable tax law in Ontario, charitable tax receipts will go to the participating artists who have generously donated artworks to the auction as opposed to purchasers/bidders.

Thank you again for visiting!!

Go BID, wildlife-art lover!!

With gratitude,
SHOW YOUR LOVE! - Art for a Sustainable World

About SHOW YOUR LOVE! Art by People for the Planet

SHOW YOUR LOVE! situates art and love at the centre of our struggle to protect wildlife and natural habitat.

We are a volunteer-run organization that coordinates art-based fundraisers for select environmental charities. Our Special Art Projects give people a space where they can show their love for animals, ecosystems, and art in support of biodiversity and creativity.

Your purchases support established and emerging artists and reputable environmental charities devoted to safeguarding biodiversity and promoting more sustainable ways of living on our planet.

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