Shark Team One Benefit with Manon Jewelry

Shark Team One & Manon Jewelry
July 2016
05:00 PM EDT
July 2016
At Midnight EDT
GOAL $2,400.00
58.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

Shark Team One and Manon Jewelry partner to save sharks! Manon Jewelry's gorgeous designs are inspired by "stillness and sculpted from the elements of fire, earth, air, water and ether." Words can't describe the stunning beauty of these precious metal shark pendants donated to Shark Team One to help save what is left of our oceans' dwindling shark populations.


This auction benefits Shark Team One's conservation expedition work. We aspire to cover expedition costs including research and camera gear for the upcoming Whale Shark Conservation Expedition. If we reach the goals for both auction items kindly donated by our amazing sponsor Manon Jewelry, the funds will also be used to partially cover expedition costs for a marine biology graduate student to join us on our Tiger Shark Conservation Expedition that will take place in the Bahamas this fall. THANK YOU to Manon Jewelry for these stunning donation pieces! We can't think of a more perfect sponsor and are proud to share Manon's love for the Earth! THANK YOU for bidding to help save sharks!!

About Shark Team One & Manon Jewelry

Shark Team One plays an important role protecting sharks and ocean ecosystems with our conservation initiatives, partner programs, outreach events and seminars.

We also provide conservation, research and citizen science expeditions to local and global destinations where sharks are on the verge of extinction. Proceeds from each trip help stimulate local economies and fund research that in turn helps sharks and our oceans.

Manon jewelry was born from the pure energy of the earth’s core. Inspired by stillness and sculpted from the elements of fire, earth, air, water and ether. These are the divine metals that form the talisman, and tools of the shaman. Dancing bodies adorned with jewels, we play with nature spirits and call upon the ghosts of lost tribes. Our desires know unlimited freedom within the endless borders of the night sky. The sexy silhouette of the human form lights the metropolis, red fire radiating from the chakra surge. We are a community of travelers, archaeologists who come from a secret place, modern day warriors who decorate ourselves for the dance. This is our ritual.

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