Florals Fantastica Art Auction

Sanford Garden Club
September 2019
12:00 PM EDT
October 2019
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The online Florals Fantastica Art Auction is being held as part of the Florals Fantastica™ fund-raising event (October 18-20th, 2019, 9-5 each day at the Sanford Garden Club, 200 Fairmont Drive, Sanford, FL) which also includes attractive plant displays (Hortus Exotica, Towers of Caladiums, World of Variegation, October Tea Garden, Boomeliads, Vibrant Vrieseas, Natures Wonders and What Better, A Garden), a limited number of special plants for sale (with an emphasis on those that are in bloom, unusual, or hard-to-find), and floral beverages such as nam dok anchan (Thai color-changing tea). A plant raffle will feature a number of free plants that will be awarded to attendees who use their ticket stubs to enter. Raffles will occur hourly.

The admission fee for attending this event is $5 per person. Your admission ticket (purchased at the door) will be good for your personal re-entry over the course of the event and for free plant raffles. And you should bring a camera or smartphone: you will want to take lots of pictures! See https://www.sanfordgardenclub.com/floralsfantastica for more information.

Proceeds from the auction (after payment of the portion that goes to the owner of the artwork) will be used for improvements to the Sanford Garden Club building and property.

About Sanford Garden Club

The Garden Club of Sanford, Inc. (also known as the Sanford Garden Club) was founded in 1926. It exists primarily to further the education of its members and the public in the fields of gardening & horticulture. The Sanford Garden Club's voting membership consists of two plant groups, the Seminole Bromeliad & Tropical Plant Society and the Wildflower Circle. The Sanford Garden Club provides a low-cost location for plant clubs and societies to have regular meetings. See https://www.sanfordgardenclub.com/.

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