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Seattle Parrot Expo

Flight Club Foundation
September 2023
02:00 PM PDT
September 2023
04:15 PM PDT
GOAL $2,000.00
42.4% To Goal

Seattle Parrot Expo

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo's online auction fundraiser for Flight Club Foundation! Seattle Parrot Expo is Flight Club Foundation's largest fundraiser of the year! We score amazing products from our sponsors, donors, members and more for you to enjoy giving as gifts to help parrots and people in the future. Use your phone to bid often. Some items are coming online as we receive them, so keep tuning in. All new item entry ends Sept 15.

About Flight Club Foundation

Flight Club Foundation's Mission: To increase awareness of and advocacy for the environment our parrots rely on by uniting communities, improving welfare, supporting conservation, assisting research, creating educational programs, inspiring adults and involving the youngest generations in the changes we need to make.

How do we do that? With the following programs:
1. Parrot Ambassadors Educational Outreach
2. Seattle Parrot Expo and our Free Admission ability for the community to view parrots from around the world.
3. Membership involving community at Parrot Playdates in Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma.
4. Supporting other events that involve parrots and participation to learn more about parrots at national events like AFA, NPRPF.
5. Provide free lectures and talks nationally about how to recover parrots.
6. Help recover parrots through partnerships with Parrots 911, Cat Canopy Rescue and more.
7. Provide a Parrot Grant to Nonprofit organizations needing a boost or recognition.
8. Providing assistance with veterinary costs to our members.
9. Providing top educational opportunities at Seattle Parrot Expo with our Featured Speaker Series.
10. Offering Rehab, rescue and triage as a licensed parrot humane society of Washington State.
11. Support all clubs, nonprofits and more in their needs to help their members and birds.

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Live Event Information

Seattle Parrot Expo takes place at Auburn Community and Event Center in Auburn, WA, USA.

Address: 910 9th St. SE. Auburn, WA 98001
Admission price: FREE to Exhibitors Hall and Auction Items!
Doors open: 10am-5pm Saturday, September 23, 2023.
11am-5pm Sunday, September 24, 2023.

Online Auction opens September 1st and closes September 24th at 430pm.

Payments due at closing. Please visit our OFFICE to show your winning bid to our staff to pay at our LIVE EVENT. ONLINE winners will receive a PayPal invoice or phone call to pay for your winning item to avoid pick up and shipped item confusion we experienced in 2022.

Winning bids, due to processing, need to meet a minimum value of $10.00 to be considered SOLD. If the minimum bid price of $10.00 is not met, the item will be renewed for the following year.

Some items have a reserve. We will notify winner if reserve is met.

Come see our auction items in the Exhibitors' Hall of Seattle Parrot Expo and use your phone to bid away!