Gathering Momentum 2017

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
April 2017
12:00 PM EDT
May 2017
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre's Professional Training Program is a three year, post-secondary conservatory training program in contemporary dance. Funds raised in this auction will go towards our student bursaries and scholarships as well as our Guest Artist Program which brings internationally renowned instructors to the School.

About The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

Based in downtown Toronto, the School has been a leader in training contemporary dance artists for over 45 years. Through our professional programs we dedicate ourselves to investing in the artistic potential of youth for the development of the art form.

The School strives to train and educate students in all aspects of their artistic and technical development.
The School serves the art of contemporary dance by providing well-trained dance artists who will contribute to creative advancement and progress in the professional field.
The School encourages the professional enrichment of faculty and guest artists so that they may further their artistry and provide excellent and relevant instruction to all students.
Through our recreational programs we dedicate ourselves to investing in the movement potential and creativity of people within our community.

The School provides excellent training and education in creative movement and contemporary dance to people of all ages.
The School serves as an advocate for dance and for education in the arts within the dance community and to the public-at-large.

Our Values:
excellence and innovation
sound, healthy, and progressive training
investing in choreographic and creative development
providing a working environment appropriate to serve the needs of all of the students, the faculty and staff, and the art form

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