Sheep Bridge Crossing

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November 2018
08:00 AM MDT
November 2018
11:07 PM MST

About Our Auction

Help permanently protect the 419-acre Sheep Bridge Crossing property in Virgin, Utah, the lower J.E.M. Trail and trailhead for wildlife, scenic vistas, river corridor, and recreation access. As part of joint fundraising efforts with The Nature Conservancy of Utah, a regional foundation has made a significant gift towards the acquisition. Virgin River Land Preservation Association has secured over $60,000 from individual donations so the fundraising process is in full swing and we hope you will help us reach our goal! Talented artists from across the state are showing their support for land conservation and offering you a stunning selection of artworks to bid on during this online benefit art auction.

About Virgin River Land Preservation Association

The Virgin River Land Preservation Association works with communities and landowners to preserve southwestern Utah's heritage of scenic vistas, open lands, and quality of life.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Virgin River Land Preservation Association relies on the generosity of people who care about open space to make our programs succeed. Thank you.

A little more background on the Sheep Bridge Crossing Project-
There is a hidden, tree-lined river canyon in Virgin, Utah known to locals, mountain bikers, and a few other adventurers. It is home to a diversity of wildlife species that rely on an abundance of water in the otherwise desert-scrub landscape. Locals enjoy walking its scenic trails, and the popular lower “J.E.M. Trail” and trailhead on the south side of the river are widely known by mountain bikers. These trails and the river pass through a 419- acre privately owned parcel of land which has come to be known as “Sheep Bridge Crossing,” the name given by the landowners to a concept plan for a 275-home subdivision.
Over a year ago, the owners reached out to the local organization that raised the funds to purchase Confluence Park below LaVerkin and Hurricane. They asked if Virgin River Land Preservation Association (VRLPA) and The Nature Conservancy of Utah (TNC) would be interested in buying their Sheep Bridge parcel for conservation. After a year of negotiation, there is a contract to purchase the property for $4.4 million dollars. Now the fundraising work begins!

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