Celebration for Children 2017-High School For All

Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua
March 2017
09:00 AM EDT
April 2017
06:00 PM EDT
GOAL $30,000.00
18.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

You can make high school an exciting new possibility for students living in remote mountainous communities in San Ramón, Nicaragua. Until now, school for these rural children stopped after 6th grade because the county's only high school is too far from their home.

High School for All will raise funds to build classrooms at existing rural primary schools. These are schools where the Ministry of Education has agreed to provide high school teachers. We raise funds for the building materials and a contractor, while the community provides the majority of labor.

This means that a rural school will also become a high school letting youth continue their education in their local community. The expanded school becomes a resource for the community and a source of pride.

About Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua

SCSRN partners with San Ramón, Nicaragua to support education and community development initiatives that build friendship, understanding, environmental preservation, and respect for human rights.
Sister Communities of San Ramón, Nicaragua is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

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