Positively Pink with Dr. Tobler

Dr. Tobler- Real Men Wear Pink
October 2021
07:00 AM EDT
October 2021
10:08 PM EDT

About Our Auction

All proceeds will go directly to the Real Men Wear Pink Campaign with the American Cancer Society

About Dr. Tobler- Real Men Wear Pink

How has breast cancer impacted my life?
Breast cancer is a part of my professional and personal life. As a Plastic Surgeon, I am humbled by the opportunity to help patients during their journey with breast cancer. From the early prognosis until the end of the treatment I am intimately involved in patients care for those who desire breast reconstruction. I specialize in all forms of reconstruction and have the opportunity to guide patients and treat them to achieve their goals. Personally, breast cancer has effected multiple individuals in my life directly. It is very different to experience the diagnosis of breast cancer from the family side rather than the provider side. I have witnessed my loved ones as they went through the journey. I have also had other family members lose their battle with breast cancer.

Why do I wear pink?
It is such an honor to be a memeber of the Real Men Wear Pink Team! This is a great organization, with a great cause. I look forward to spearheading my campaign to raise awareness and money to help fight and DEFEAT breast cancer. I would love nothing more than to see in my lifetime a cure, and to hang my hat as a reconstructive breast surgeon knowing that the battle was won.

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