The EDFA 'Hope' Pendant

Eating Disorders Families Australia
May 2023
06:00 AM AEST
June 2023
At Midnight AEST
GOAL $10,000.00
25.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Families and carers of those living with an eating disorder often experience heightened levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and social isolation. And yet, they are the front line of care and crucial to their loved one’s recovery.

The EDFA ‘Hope’ Pendant Auction is running throughout June. EDFA hopes to raise at least $10,000 to support and educate thousands of families and carers throughout Australia to strengthen their psychological and physical wellbeing for the long recovery journey..

The 'Hope' Pendant is a unique, custom-designed piece inspired by the stories of carers as well as Ruby Red Jewellery Designer Katherine Kemp's own family experience.

It is truly a one-off piece that will start conversations and help to raise awareness of the impact that eating disorders have on families and carers.

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About Eating Disorders Families Australia

Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA) was founded by a passionate group of parents who have cared for, and are caring for, young people with eating disorders. Our focus has now grown to include all carers and families of those of all ages with eating disorders, including partners, siblings, grandparents, and friends.

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