Redondo Ballet 2020 Silent Auction

Redondo Ballet
November 2020
At Midnight PST
December 2020
01:00 AM PST

About Our Auction

This auction is to help fund our philanthropic and outreach programs. Due to the pandemic and the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, Redondo Ballet hasn’t been able to hold their annual Evening With Redondo Ballet fundraiser, nor hold their ballet productions. The marginalized and underserved communities that are the recipients of our outreach are in more need now than ever.

About Redondo Ballet

Redondo Ballet is a 501 (c) 3 all volunteer organization.
Dance has the power to facilitate emotion, to tell a story…to change a life.

Redondo Ballet is a passionate advocate for dancers in the training and pursuit of a classical dance education whereby empowerment exudes from every dancer as they delve into the philosophies of a classical education that are imparted upon them on a daily basis, giving the dancers the ability and power to craft a narrative that creates a connection with an audience that ranges from the earnest realities of life to the heights of frivolity.

We attain our vision of outreach and philanthropic endeavors with the Ballet in a Box program.

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