Rabata Auction 2024

March 2024
08:00 AM CST
April 2024
11:45 PM CDT

About Our Auction

Create positive cultural change this Ramadan with this unique opportunity! You can donate to a cause you support AND win a beautiful gift. All items are donated and hold sentimental value.

About Rabata

We at Rabata pray that you and your loved ones have a blessed Ramadan. We pray for you and we pray with you - may our brothers and sisters facing unimaginable trials around the world find ease. May Allah answer our Duas so that His believers reach victory against injustice and oppression. May we all taste victory in these blessed days.

This Ramadan, we are reminded that working together increases the barakah of the effort we are making as an organization and as an Ummah. Year after year, Rabata’s programs steadily and beautifully increase in the number of women and children participating and also in their impact.

At Rabata, we are dedicated to providing a higher caliber of holistic programming for Muslim women that takes them above and beyond in acquiring traditional Islamic knowledge. Here, we have a standard that puts personal and spiritual growth hand in hand with academic achievement and professional development.

We invite you to participate in this auction by donating or bidding on items! Email to discuss further auction@rabata.org

Donate this Ramadan at rabata.org/support

Become a monthly donor at rabata.kindful.com

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