Celebrating World Water Week

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August 2018
07:00 AM MDT
September 2018
07:00 PM MDT

About Our Auction

Pure Water Joy is a grassroots effort diligently working to bring clean water to rural areas in Tanzania. This week, Pure Water Joy is celebrating World Water Week by hosting a silent auction to raise money for the machinery we need to undertake our mission.

About Pure Water Joy

Pure Water Joy is an NGO seeking funding to assist the mission obtaining clean water in Tanzania. The founder, Keneth Simbaya has a goal to procure a borehole well drill that will be used to drill as many freshwater wells as possible in Tanzania, focusing on the Western region. This project was born from a serendipitous meeting between two kindred spirits from completely different areas of the world that culminated in a fundraiser to get a borehole well drilled in Simbaya's rural home village. Nearly four years later, this community's health and quality of life has been transformed in so many ways. This has inspired Simbaya to continue with this immensely important work. The implications of providing a community with fresh water are far reaching. Your support will provide not only clean water, but also more educational opportunities for children, more free time for mothers' to spend with their families, increased physical safety for women and girls in the community and help minimize the disease and death rates in the community.

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