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April Lacheur Art for Project Aftershock Haiti
January 2015
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February 2015
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About Our Auction

Thank you for visiting my online silent art auction benefiting 'Project Aftershock Haiti', a small but passionate charity based out of my home town of White Rock BC. Please read on to learn what I am raising $ for and help me use my art to spread love and hope in a country so full of tragedy yet so full of hope. A place where a little $ can make a life changing difference.
Mikelange is a bright and beautiful 13 year old girl living in Haiti. Her family has been through so much tragedy and devastation since the earth quake in 2010. Project Aftershock has adopted her family providing them with housing, medical aid, surgeries and food. The family can not afford to send Mikelange to school and without education it is highly likely she will fall in to a life of prostitution as many young girls in Haiti do. Just $150 sends her to school for a whole year! My goal with the money raised through this art auction is to send Mikelange and other young girls like her to school.
When I met Laura, the founder of Project Aftershock based out of White Rock BC, I knew I wanted to use my art to help this wonderful charity. 100% of the sale price of my art in this silent auction (minus shipping cost) will be donated to Project Aftershock specifically to help Mikelange and girls like her attend school and avoid a life of prostitution. Thank you so much for you bids and purchases and please know the money donated is going 100% to where it is needed. To learn more about my desire to use my art to help and heal read my latest blog post

About April Lacheur Art for Project Aftershock Haiti

I am a artist/painter living in White Rock BC. You can learn more about me here I am hosting this online auction to benefit Project Aftershock Charity. Project Aftershock is a small charity organization based out of White Rock BC Canada dedicated to enriching the lives of the Haitian people and the 1.5 million children left orphaned and paralyzed by the earthquake in 2010. Project Aftershock has partnered with organizations in the nation’s capital of Port-au-Prince to provide hospitals, orphanages and schools with lifesaving medicine and supplies and Nursing care. The “shock” is over. Now it is time for the healing to begin.

Charity founder Laura Whitney is a Registered Nurse who was dedicated her life to helping the people of Haiti ever since she 1st went to Haiti in 2010 right after the earthquake to volunteer. Since then she has started the "Project Aftershock Thrift Store' in White Rock BC and uses the money raised from the store to visit Haiti twice a year to run a medical clinic. She has also adopted a very deserving family and has provided them with housing, food, medicine and education. Laura is a true light and inspiration and I love to support this charity because I know the money donated is going exactly where it should be.

I have decided to auction some of my art and donate 100% of the sales (minus shipping cost) to Project Aftershock. Specifically the money raised will go towards sending Mikelange, a 13? year old girl to school. Her family can not afford to send her to school and without education it is highly likely she will fall into a life of prostitution. When I heard her story I felt compelled to help. Just $150 will send her to school for a whole year!

Its amazing how much a little money goes a long way in Haiti. For example:
- $1 buys anti-parasite medication that would save a child's life
-$5 worth of tylenol can save a child from dying of a fever
-$50 buys food for an entire family of 6 for 1 month
-$150 sends a child to school for a whole year
-$500 pays rent for a family for 1 whole year so they can get out of the tent city

One of the reasons I love being an artist is that I can use the work I love to create to help other people. Being a Nurse myself I have so much admiration and respect for the work Laura does. I hope to be able to volunteer in Haiti one day myself.

Thank you so much for bidding in my online auction. By purchasing my art you are helping to make a life changing difference in a beautiful young girls life and other's lives in Haiti. xo - April

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