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2023 For the Ocean Gala

Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. 501(c)3
March 2023
At Midnight EDT
March 2023
09:00 PM EDT
GOAL $55,000.00
74.0% To Goal

2023 For the Ocean Gala

Thank you for joining Plastic Ocean Project for our second annual For the Ocean Gala!

Through action, art, education, collaboration and research, POP is on a mission to help solve the issues of plastic pollution. This year, we are raising money to support our move into a bigger and more equipped lab space at UNCW’s MARBIONC Building.

The 2023 For the Ocean Gala would not be possible without our team of passionate volunteers, Holiday Inn Resort Lumina on Wrightsville Beach, and of course, our sponsors!

A special thank you to the POP team: Cissie Brooks, Jenna Haverstock, Marsha Steed, Emily Mulvihill, Keith Calder, Lisa Andree, David Cummings, Sam Athey, Rainey Wallace, Kat Loughlin, Tricia Monteleone, and our fearless leader Ms. Bonnie Monteleone.

**Per the IRS website 1/5/23 (Charity Auctions): "Donors who purchase items at a charity auction may claim a charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid for an item over its fair market value. The donor must be able to show, however, that he or she knew that the value of the item was less than the amount paid." Any payment or donation processed through our website will be accompanied by an automated email invoice from 32auctions. This will list an itemized list of purchases and each of their individual fair market values.
POP's EIN: 46-1251038.

About Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. 501(c)3

​The mission of Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. 501(c)3 is to educate through field research, implement progressive outreach initiatives, and incubate solutions to address the global plastic pollution problem, working with and for the next generation to create a more sustainable future.

Learn about the solutions POP is implementing to increase outreach, research, and education about plastic ocean pollution. Our current initiatives include:
- Our new documentary film project, "If the Ocean Could Talk"
- Research featuring our Microscopic FTIR instrument which allows us to positively identify natural debris from man-made debris
- Tree4Trash, which plants 1 hardwood tree for every 25 lbs of trash we remove from the SE Nort Carolina coastal environment
- Annual Fishing4Plastic tournaments, bringing volunteers and community members out on the water to witness the plastic pollution problem and to be part of the solution
- Outreach through Art
- Plastic-to-Fuel
- Ocean Friendly Establishments
- Hope Spot Hatteras
- Dylan's Plastic bag project

Read more on our website! www.plasticoceanproject.org/

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