October 2020
06:30 PM CEST
October 2020
At Midnight CEST
GOAL €1,000.00
43.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

Live and interactive session with Pay2

We proudly present last year’s receiver of the Soul Sessions Oslo HONOUR AWARD, Lars “Pay 2” Undli, in a live and interactive graffiti session, Friday October 2nd. As an online spectator in the digital space, you will be able to contribute with ideas and comments during the session. Pay2 will create the masterpiece based on the input from you as an audience. Soul Sessions Oslo followers have voted between three words that should make up the piece (PEACE / LOVE / UNITY) through polls both in the Facebook event, which ended with the word UNITY.
There's 15 pieces in total. The whole piece is displayed on picture two on each item.

Auction - Give back <3

Pay2 will be painting on several canvases, and you will be able to buy a unique bit (canvas) of the total masterpiece afterwards. Donations will go to the organisation “Kids Breaking League” (KBL), which is run by Bboy Kid Glyde from the legendary crew Dynamic Rockers from New York City.

Whether you are a dancer yourself, be a rookie or professional, or just someone who loves streetdance and Hip Hop culture - we are able to enjoy this culture and forms of expressions because of some pioneers from this specific city. It is in true spirit of hip hop culture to give back! And after contacting the living NYC legend, Buddha Stretch (Moptop/Elite Force), asking about relevant organizations as recipients of the donations, that were based in NYC, we got in touch with KBL.

Kids Breaking League
Kid Glyde is the son of the 1st generation Bboy from the legendary crew Dynamic Rockers, Bboy Glyde. Dynamic Rockers is, alongside Rocksteady Crew and New York City Breakers, the generation of breakers who popularized the artform of Breaking. The Kids Breaking League is an organization both preserving and passing on the artform, history and culture to the younger generation. KBL truly takes the key concept within this culture to use, namely “each one teach one”. Making sure that the new generations are able to experience the power of community, celebrating individual styles and personalities, building confidence and forming life–long friendships. Read more about the organization and their work here! https://kidsbreakingleague.com

There's 15 pieces in total and comes in different sizes and motives. You choose which piece you want to bid on. The auction ends Sunday 4th of October at midnight.

All income goes fully to KBL, except transaction to the Stripe/auction-site fees. The transaction goes through Soul Session Oslo’s Stripe account for practical and safety reasons.

About Soul Sessions Oslo

Soul Sessions Oslo (SSO) is an association that works to promote the hip hop culture in Norway through events with street dance in focus. We want to inspire children, teenagers, amateurs and professional dancers in the street dance genre by working as a platform for self-development, artistic exchange and knowledge sharing. We do this through organizing open free trainings, dance workshops, social and artistic meetings such as jam sessions and battles, panel discussions, lectures and performances, as well as an "outreach" project for teenagers and local enthusiasts in Norway.

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