Orpheum Theatre Seats

The Orpheum Theatre
March 2021
12:00 PM CST
March 2021
At Midnight CDT
GOAL $3,500.00
0.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Own your very own piece of Galesburg performing arts history! These are the real deal: seats from the Galesburg Orpheum Theatre’s main floor that have been removed from service over the years as part of various renovation projects. Left in the dark attic since 2016, these seats have been dusted off and made ready for life anew.

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About The Orpheum Theatre

MISSION: The Orpheum Theatre contributes to the Galesburg region's quality of life by providing quality entertainment and education programs, and serves as a civic gathering place and tourism partner for our communities.​

Performance. The Orpheum Theatre will offer programs reflective of our community and inclusive of all the performing arts.

Civic. The Orpheum Theatre will welcome and include persons of all demographis and soci-economic means.

Preservation. We will preserve Galesburg's historic Orpheum Theatre so it may fulfill its mission for another 100 years.

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