OLTA Digital Gathering 2021 Online Auction

October 2021
05:30 PM EDT
October 2021
11:50 PM EDT

About Our Auction

On October 18th – 20th, 2021, we will be hosting our annual conservation conference known as The Annual Gathering. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic we have opted to host the conference digitally again this year. The Annual Gathering serves as the perfect provincial event for hundreds of people working and volunteering in land and water conservation to align for sharing, learning, and celebrating our collective accomplishments in conservation over the past year.

The OLTA Digital Gathering 2021 Online Auction will act as a fundraising portion of this event. Proceeds will support OLTA’s education and training events, improving the capacity of our members to protect Ontario’s wildlife and natural landscapes.

About Ontario Land Trust Alliance

Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA) is a registered charity focused on providing community, knowledge sharing and support to land trusts and other groups committed to land conservation across Ontario.

By strategically protecting land, we contribute essential solutions to biodiversity loss and climate change. Restoring and protecting forests, wetlands, grasslands and farmland are nature-based climate solutions. Nature absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and stores carbon in plants and soil. Nature also shields against storm surges, absorbs the worst effects of flooding and protects biodiversity. Nature does the heavy lifting for us. All we have to do is protect it.

Our members and partners work from Rainy Lake in the west, to Windsor in the south, and Cornwall in the east, in 50 connected charities and communities. Ontario Land Trust Alliance’s local land trust members collectively own and care for over 100,000 acres across Ontario, engaging the support of thousands of volunteers and supporters annually.

OLTA connects the land conservation community by sharing knowledge and best practices, reducing financial barriers to land conservation, promoting organizational excellence, sharing access to current research and Indigenous knowledge systems and acting as a voice for land trusts among the public, governments and other rights holders and partners.

OLTA requires all of its Land Trust Members to actively work towards adherence to the Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices.

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