Ohio Craft ExBEERiences Auction 2022

Ohio Craft Brewers Association
November 2022
12:00 PM EST
December 2022
07:07 PM EST
GOAL $10,000.00
83.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

We started this ExBEERiences auction in 2020 as a unique way to connect with our craft beer fans when our regular roster of beer tasting festivals just weren't a possibility. Our members and breweries have had lots of fun creating special ExBEERiences for you to bid on while supporting the nonprofit Ohio Craft Brewers Association that supports them.

So we decided to keep the fun rolling! We're excited to present a new roster of craft ExBEERiences for your holiday gift-giving, personal adventure or bidding entertainment!

About Ohio Craft Brewers Association

Founded in 2007, the Ohio Craft Brewers Association is a nonprofit guild that exists to promote, preserve, diversify and unify Ohio’s craft brewing industry. We aspire to be recognized as the industry leader at both state and national levels for preserving the art of making high-quality, unique craft beer; to serve as the unified voice for craft brewers across the state; to advocate on behalf of the Ohio craft beer industry; to contribute to systemic, local community development by driving economic and job growth, while creating experiences that bring people together; to serve as a beacon for local production and manufacturing through craft beer, resulting in diverse choices for consumers; and to create a more inclusive craft brewing community.

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