National Repertory Orchestra 2016 Auction

Raitman Art Galleries
June 2016
08:00 AM MDT
July 2016
06:00 PM MDT
GOAL $2,800.00
39.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

Our artist Lelija Roy is auctioning off an original painting for the National Repertory Orchestra for the sixth straight year! Another of our artists, David V. Gonzales, has also created an original painting for the auction this year, which also serves as the imagery for the 2016 NRO Poster. All the proceeds generated from the auction go to the NRO to help their scholarship fund. The NRO attracts the very best collection of young musicians from around the world to be a part of an exclusive professional orchestral experience in beautiful Summit County each summer. The NRO is a 501(C)3 organization and is 100% dependent on the generosity of individuals and organizations with a passion for the arts and education.

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About Raitman Art Galleries

Raitman Art Galleries is a family-run business founded in Breckenridge Colorado. We opened our Breckenridge gallery in December of 2007, expanded our space in November of 2011 and opened our Vail location in November of 2013. We changed our name from Art on a Whim to Raitman Art Galleries in November of 2016. Our galleries were founded with the belief that beautiful art and culture should be accessible to everyone. We're rooted in the age-old American tradition of small, family-run businesses. We really like our economy so all of our art is handmade in America and most of it is created right here in Colorado.

We focus on carrying work that is unique, uplifting and well executed. The art we show is original and contemporary. It is created by living, working, professional American artists. We prefer representational works that capture the beauty of the mountains we call home, as well as abstracts that push creativity to new heights. We only represent artists who have mastered their unique mediums, techniques and styles. Through this, they have earned well regarded national and international reputations. Our refined selection of the best artists found in Colorado sees that our collection represents our region and our love for the mountains. We love color and art that makes us smile. This is always immediately apparent upon entering our galleries.

Years of observing and collecting art for our own homes, as well as our galleries, means our taste is sophisticated and highly educated. A great deal of thought is put into every piece that we choose to show to the world. Our artists are selected based on the quality and originality of their work, as well as on who they are as people. Our artists are like family to us. They often spend the weekend in our home when they come to demonstrate in our galleries. We love talking about each of our artists and believe that this passion for their personalities and their work is what makes our galleries special places to visit.

Visitors to our galleries are always impressed by our knowledge of the materials, workmanship and time that goes into each piece we show. Educating viewers is an integral part of the art world and we enjoy it thoroughly. Part of working with artists that we love means that every new piece comes with a wonderful, personal story. We take our clients art needs seriously, never pressure our visitors and find great joy in placing our art in good homes. Visitors are always encouraged to ask questions about the artists we represent, art in general and the beautiful places known as Vail and Breckenridge.

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