NO SHAVE NOVEMBER 2016 for The Wings of Hope

November 2016
07:00 PM CDT
December 2016
08:00 PM CST

About Our Auction

All of the proceeds from this auction will be used to provide services to families living with a terminally ill child.

About The Wing Of Hope Pediatric Foundation

The moment a family receives their child's terminal diagnosis, suddenly nothing else matters. Every second together becomes even more precious than before. The Wings of Hope Pediatric Foundation provides families with a variety of different types of support such as meals, house cleaning, lawn care and (when necessary) financial assistance with paying bills. This support often enables families to better focus on their child, and the time they have together. No one is a paid employee at The Wings of Hope Pediatric Foundation. Every dollar donated goes directly to relieving families of day-to-day menial tasks, and to give them more priceless memories to hold onto forever.

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