NEXUS Virtual Gala 2020

July 2020
11:15 AM CDT
July 2020
10:30 PM CDT
GOAL $10,000.00
14.9% To Goal

NEXUS Virtual Gala 2020

NEXUS Chamber Music is a collective of international artists committed to stimulating interest in chamber music. NEXUS' unique programming combines access to on-demand content and live performances in both conventional and unconventional venues. NEXUS delivers classical music that meets the demands of the 21st century listener.

NEXUS Chamber Music’s “Virtual Gala” on July 15, 2020, at 7:30 PM CT, will be a fundraiser for NEXUS Chamber Music Season 2.5 slated for September 2020, and hosted by Guarneri Hall NFP where NEXUS Chamber Music is a resident ensemble. Friends and supporters of NEXUS Chamber Music and Guarneri Hall have contributed items to the Virtual Gala Auction and all proceeds will be used towards the NEXUS Chamber Music Season 2.5 festival.

About the event host: Guarneri Hall NFP

Guarneri Hall NFP is a not-for-profit classical music incubator in Chicago that presents live classical music performances in Guarneri Hall, an acoustically engineered and technologically advanced 60-seat performance space in the Chicago loop. Guarneri Hall NFP sponsors music education programs in the Chicago community, with a special focus on reaching young people with limited access to classical music. Guarneri Hall events are live streamed at

Guarneri Hall NFP aims to be a leader in the field of music education, providing advanced training for professional ensembles, soloists, music educators, and students, as well as curriculum support for classroom teachers through teacher training initiatives that promote best practices. Guarneri Hall NFP also makes educational resources such as print material and tutorial videos available online to the Chicago community and beyond.

Guarneri Hall NFP serves as a facilitator and catalyst for emerging musical artists, musical groups and music education initiatives.

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