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The Mystery Box Show
September 2020
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About Our Auction

Since the pandemic hit our community in March of this year, The Mystery Box Show has been unable to run production as usual every other month on stage. In response, we decided to expand and offer a monthly online livestream via YouTube, working with storytellers and reaching audiences from all over the world. As a production company, our mission is to create NORMALCY, COMMUNITY and INCLUSION, it's been amazing to see our world grow! It’s been a journey so far, and we are ready to meet the challenges ahead.

With sensitivity to loss of jobs and general uncertainty, we chose to make the show as ACCESSIBLE as possible by offering our livestream without a paywall. This decision was made in part with the impression/understanding that unemployment would be offering funds, for the first time, to people who work for themselves. But as the CARES act came into fruition in the midst of this pandemic, many unemployment applications were put on the back burner. "Gig economy” folks and people in the arts - like us - were left waiting for benefits. It’s been over 6 months and we are still waiting. We applied for an SBA loan, but we were denied because we are a show that openly discusses sex, sexuality, and gender. Our small staff has gone without pay since February. We’ve continued to pay our storytellers a stipend, but the money is running out.

Obviously, we want to keep The Mystery Box Show going. We know from our fans that we are making a difference in peoples’ lives. This was true pre-COVID, but is especially pertinent right now. We've received feedback that we are providing refuge in a time where connection and human interactions are few and far between. When you watch our YouTube videos or hear our podcast, you are listening to real people share their most intimate experience. These vulnerable, relatable emotions help normalize the taboo of discussing sex and sexuality. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing a platform for folks who are commonly marginalized and don't otherwise have a space for their voices to be heard.

Your bid makes a HUGE difference in changing lives, one story at a time!

About The Mystery Box Show

The Mystery Box Show features real people telling true, personal stories on the topic of sex, sexuality and gender. Your support drives the conversation about sex and sexuality forward, making it possible to normalize previously taboo (but absolutely natural) subject matters. Through personal narrative, we draw attention to the diversity and universality of sexual experiences. Most importantly, we build community and empathy for people whose experiences are different, but whose humanity is one and the same.

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