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2020 Jewellery and Object Design Auction

Melbourne Polytechnic Jewellery and Object Design
September 2020
12:00 PM AEST
September 2020
12:07 PM AEST
GOAL $8,000.00
147.7% REACHED!

2020 Jewellery and Object Design Auction

The Advanced Diploma students of Melbourne Polytechnic's Jewellery and Object Design program welcome you to their 2020 fundraising Auction!
This year has been a year like no other. Covid-19 restrictions have created many challenges and opportunities to try and do things differently. However through the generosity of our donating artists and the resilience and creativity of our students we are proud to introduce you to our first ever online fundraising auction!
This year's auction as always, features jewellery and objects made and donated by final year students and established artists.
The students have been working away diligently and with so much passion, both in the workshop at school when possible and in their home studios during isolation. They are creating beautiful pieces, exploring skills and techniques new to them, and will have an incredible body of work to show the world at their Graduate Exhibition early next year.
This 2020 fundraising Auction is essential in being able to raise the funds required to put on their Graduate Exhibition.
The students have a goal of $8,000 which will cover their venue rent, venue technician support and all the other details needed to put on an exhibition that celebrates their year of hard work.
By taking part in the 2020 Auction and bidding with abandon, you are celebrating the resilience and adaptability that has been central to this year's students moving forward in unprecedented times.
Congratulations to this year's Auction Fundraising Team!
Ai-Ling (photography), Camila (graphic design), Bec (social media), Julia (auction site management), Vanessa, David, Coco, Daria, Meg, Ruby, Ellen, Gina, Arieta, Tahlia, Georgia, Chuki, Yunyi, Kirsty. Each and every one of your efforts, both individually and as part of a team, have made this Auction possible. Well Done!

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