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About Our Auction

For thousands of years art has played a significant role in our faith. These exquisite paintings by Diana Mendoza will enhance your home, office, church, hospital, school, or other location. They are alluring to the soul and transform their setting into a sacred space. They are designed to inspire and offer the viewer a window into the spiritual realm.
About the Artist - Diana Mendoza
Born in Junin, Peru, Diana Mendoza graduated as professor of painting in the sixties from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes with one of the highest awards in the specialty of painting and drawing. She worked as a teacher and designer before devoting all of her time to painting. The spiritual art of Diana Mendoza is a blend of European styling and Peruvian techniques into a unique style by combining gold and silver leafing with oil on canvas. She completes her creations with a touch of patinas. The elaborate, time-consuming process results in sublime and dramatic imagery that is universally appealing and touches the human spirit. Focusing on religious imagery (best known for her renderings of the blessed Madonna) the artist works in small and large formats, including triptychs and diptychs, in order to appeal to an extensive audience. Through exquisite composition, dramatic texture, and dynamic architectural components, Mendoza is constantly honing her technique and experimenting with new elements of composition and style. She spends countless hours studying new subject matters in order to keep her paintings fresh and appealing.
Support Elizabeth Ministry International
The sale of these paintings is a fundraiser for Elizabeth Ministry International. A generous benefactor has offered the sale of these amazing pieces of art from the donor’s art collection. All sales are final and paintings are sold as is.
50% of your purchase price will go directly to support and enable the work of Elizabeth Ministry International, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Purchasing a painting will provide hope, help, and healing on issues related to childbearing, sexuality, and relationships. ( and

About Elizabeth Ministry International

International Headquarters

Located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, the Elizabeth Ministry International Headquarters is the training and support facility for its growing apostolate that began in 1991. Elizabeth Ministry programs and initiatives include RECLAIM Sexual Health and Elizabeth Ministry Chapters. Chapters are designed to offer mentoring, family support, and prayer at a parish or organization level. Over 700 parishes and organizations have registered as an Elizabeth Ministry Chapter throughout the world.

Elizabeth Ministry efforts are faithful to the tenants and traditions of Roman Catholic teachings. While serving all people in need, everything is done according to our Roman Catholic origin and outlook. Elizabeth Ministry International seeks to provide support through sharing lived experiences, mentoring, prayer, blessings, scripture, church teachings, scientific research, consultations, referrals, trainings, retreats, programs, along with educational and inspirational resources. This is offered through direct support from our central office associates, from our affiliates, or by members of Elizabeth Ministry Chapters throughout the world.

Elizabeth Ministry Chapters are parish based efforts to support women and their families during the joys, challenges, and sorrows of the childbearing years. Volunteers offer maternal mentoring in the areas they have experienced. For example, an older woman, who has given birth and raised a family would visit a woman who is pregnant for the first time. She shares prayer, practical help, her lived experiences, and resources in the name of the parish community. Worldwide, over 700 parishes have registered as an Elizabeth Ministry Chapter.

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