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Max’s Children's Aid Foundation Art Auction
October 2021
12:15 AM EDT
October 2021
At Midnight EDT

Max for Children

Max really enjoys being able to help other kids through his talent and passion for art and music. It’s what he loves to do!

During the pandemic, Max has continued playing music for audiences through Instagram Live Concerts. Max has been fundraising as part of his Instagram concerts and has raised over $4,000 for the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. Funds raised support kids involved with Canada’s child welfare system to have access to programs to help with school, playing sports or even music classes.

Max is also really excited to continue fundraising through his art, which he is also really passionate about.

Max is auctioning a mounted 1/1 print of his 'Piano Man' painting to continue to support kids through Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.

· 'Piano Man' is original artwork (1/1 print) by 8 year old Max Keys done on canvas size 36”x24” mounted in a black floating frame. Ready to hang.

· Artwork base coated with Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground.

· Acrylic paint pen and watercolours used for colour.

· The 'Piano Man' artwork piece took Max 21 days to complete. An introduction to Max’s painting in link below:

A sped up video of Max completing his artwork from start to finish can be seen on his YouTube link below.

· This print was professionally scanned and printed at the highest quality. 1/1 print scanned and mounted by William Oldacre at Fine Art Print Studios. Certified ONE print ONLY.

Please note this auction is not eligible for a charity tax receipt.

About Max’s Children's Aid Foundation Art Auction

In anticipation of this art auction, we encourage all of Max’s fans, family, friends and supporters to join other caring Canadians to support children, youth and families involved in welfare.

Thank you so much for supporting Max’s first art auction! Together we can change lives. Bidding starts now!

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