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Tecaboca FundRun

August 2020
12:00 PM CDT
September 2020
05:00 PM CDT
GOAL $4,000.00
71.4% To Goal

Tecaboca FundRun

The funds from this auction will be used for Tecaboca to continue programs at Tecaboca, especially during this difficult time of COVID 19. Retreats business has been cut by 75%, and summer camp was cut by 40% because of the virus. We know that summer camp makes a positive difference in a child's life, retreats impact individuals in amazing ways, and families can find a new way to know each other and God by attending a retreat at Tecaboca. This is why Tecaboca remains the most perfect place to hear God and go forth to make a faith filled difference. Help it Survive and Thrive!

About Tecaboca

Tecaboca is comfortably hidden from day-to-day, city-life hassles. Tecaboca is near Kerrville, Texas and sits on over 100 acres in the Texas Hill Country, along beautiful Johnson Creek. While retreatants and summer campers pay to come to Tecaboca, costs are kept to an affordable price because many people provide financial support.
Tecaboca is home to the people that love it:
A home for their church’s retreat
A home for a business staff to grow leaders and form groups.
An environmental education home for schools.
A summer boys and girls camp community.
A Family Retreat home.
A Men’s or Women’s Retreat home.

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