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October 2021
12:00 PM CDT
October 2021
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About Our Auction

KCMBF has in place concrete plans for growth in helping the community: Domestic Violence Alliance plans to cover the cost of continuing education credits for all its participants from various professions; Military Matters is in the midst of a national expansion of its program; and Student Law Academy is developing a Pre-Law Fellowship for Scholars to cover the cost of the LSAT, test-prep courses, and law school application fees. To continue this unparalleled growth for such worthy causes, we need your help!

About Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation (KCMBF)

KCMBF is a 501(c)(3) organization that serves the community through a variety of Legal Connection programs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Foundation is to serve the community by creating and supporting public service or educational programs which promote the administration of justice, delivery of legal services, professional development or respect for the law.

Our Vision

Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation is a force in the community, channeling lawyers' commitment to solving problems and building an equitable future.

The mission of the Legal Connection programs is to address and solve community and legal problems within the Kansas City metropolitan area and provide access to legal and other support services to a community of citizens currently underserved.

Currently there are three Legal Connection programs:

Military Matters fills the gap in legal services available to service members and veterans. To date, volunteer attorneys have provided an estimated $1.4 million in pro bono legal services to nearly 1,500 service members and veterans.

Domestic Violence Alliance promotes advocacy for the victims of domestic violence. The annual day-long seminar educates legal, social service, medical and law enforcement agencies across the Kansas City metropolitan area. Over 2,200 professionals have been educated by DVA since 1997.

Student Law Academy provides underserved urban high school students, who would not otherwise have the opportunity, meaningful exposure to careers in the legal profession and a broad overview of the legal system. Since it began in 2019, SLA has served 48 Scholars with paid internships.

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