Lean-to Auction

Friends of Timbercrest
May 2021
At Midnight EDT
June 2021
At Midnight EDT
GOAL $1,020.00
102.9% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Proceeds from this Auction will be used to fund the completion of the Lean-to Project. Two new lean-tos will replace the one built in 1975 and removed in 2020. The new lean-tos are built in memory of Mary Alice Campbell and Mary Cooper. The Lean-to Site will be called "The Marys."

Please be aware that if you cannot pick your item up in the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus area and want it shipped, we will be in contact with you about how to make an additional payment to cover the shipping. For the services and events, we will be in contact with you to schedule and work out the details.


Wooden items were made by Kathy "Piazon" Pascatore Moller from the salvaged boards of the old lean-to. Kathy has a long connection with Timbercrest having camped there as a girl and served on staff. While her day job is physical therapist, her side gig is "Custom Rustic." She makes beautiful, practical items from salvaged wood, which she sells at art shows in throughout the region.


The Journals are made by Debra Eck and feature covers made with eco-dyed paper. The natural, organic colors come from leaves and the mordant - rusty nails from the old lean-to!

Debra Eck is an internationally exhibited book and installation artist who works primarily with paper, text and thread. Deb has two daughters who have attended and/or worked at camp, and she was co-leader of a multi-age Girl Scout troop when they were girls. She once worked for the Girl Scout council and even served as camp director for part of a summer when the original director had to leave before the end of camp. Her camp name was Invader.


The custom t-shirt design is offered by Mary Mastrasimone-Gese, retired Toy and Children’s product designer- 38 years in the vast Industry, having worked for Playskool, Fisher-Price, Sesame Street, Disney, Jim Henson’s Muppets, Hasbro and Mattel Companies. As Timbercrest staff in the summers of 1979-1981, Mary went by M&M's.


The Ukranian Egg is offered by Natasha Johnson Patchen, who has recently retired from her career as a Kindergarten teacher. Her hands are always busy making all kinds of crafts. With a camp name of "Nate," she worked many summers at Camp Timbercrest where she met her husband, Allan, who grew up at Camp. Both continue to provide valuable knowledge and expertise to the Friends of Timbercrest.

For a more detailed description of the process of making these eggs, and the meaning of the shapes and colors, go to https://www.friendsoftimbercrest.org/eggs.


Photographers for the picture frames are Erica "Ricki" Tener and Diane "Didi" Powell. Both were campers at the 1975 camp session Hard Hats and Hammers when the original lean-to was built. Both were there in Fall of 2020 when the original lean-to was disassembled. Both were there in Spring of 2021 as the two new lean-tos went up!

About Friends of Timbercrest

Formed in the summer of 2017 at the 50th anniversary of residence camping at Girl Scout Camp Timbercrest. Friends of Timbercrest (FOT) preserve, enhance, and promote Camp Timbercrest in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Western New York.

Friends of Timbercrest activities include:
- two work weekends annually to complete projects at camp
- annual Friends of Timbercrest award to graduating senior
- fundraising for projects at camp
- participation with GSWNY in the master planning process for camps
- programs for girls and their families to promote familiarity with camp

For more information, visit https://www.friendsoftimbercrest.org/

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