Egypt as photographed by Kemit-Amon Lewis

November 2020
At Midnight AST
December 2020
At Midnight AST

About Our Auction

"My parents named me Kemit-Amon and for as long as I can remember, I've dreamt of traveling to KMT (present day Egypt). It is, of course, where civilization began. It is also where my name originated. I finally booked a solo trip to Egypt in December of 2018. That trip can best be described as a very personal and spiritual journey - pyramids, temples, a camel (which was named Michael Jordan), hot air balloons, sailing the nile, and diving the Red Sea. Through these photographs, I provide a tiny glimpse into my visit to Sakkara, Giza, Luxor, the Nile, Aswan, and the Red Sea. Enjoy the show!"

The purpose of this silent auction fundraiser is to assist with the cost of prosthetic tools.

About Friends of KAL

Our friend, Kemit-Amon Lewis became a quadruple amputee just last summer. He survived sepsis, being airlifted to Florida, and a two-week induced coma, but the vassopressors that helped to keep him alive also deprived his limbs of oxygen. His right hand and foot and left fingers and toes were amputated. Life, for Kemit, has been quite the journey since. As he navigates this new chapter with its hurdles, he has come to the realization that there is nothing in the world more powerful than confidence in self, and the will to not just live, but the will to persevere and to achieve.

Kemit continues to inspire and amaze us daily.

Truly making the most out of the direst of circumstances, from recovery to healing, he continues to learn the intricacies of life without limbs, learning how to use prosthetic appendages and continuing to grow. With fierce determination, Kemit approaching every new challenge with an indomitable spirit; from walking to running to dancing to swimming. To that end, he’s currently working on the prosthetic tools that he needs to do all of those activities. His progress is awe inspiring and we hope to be able to continue to support him on his journey towards once again doing everything that he loves. Thank you for joining us in this effort. Read his story and follow his journey.

#KemitStrong #FriendsofKAL

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