Fundraiser for Karen Deutschlander

Fundraiser for Karen Deutschlander
April 2021
06:00 AM CDT
April 2021
06:00 PM CDT

About Our Auction

We wish we were making the announcement that Dylan and Ryan were going to be racing again this year, but life has thrown us a curve ball. Their mom, Karen, has been diagnosed with early onset dementia, of some type at the age of 49. The cognitive decline is there and MRI results have shown us some deterioration of her brain stem and Pons area of her brain. She has begun daily therapy and routines to hopefully slow the progression. As of now, she is unable to work and is currently without insurance for the specialized neurological care she needs.
As a long time motorcycle enthusiast, Former YSR Racer, Track Mom, Umbrella Girl, Long Haul Driver, Team Manager and Overall Super Woman, everyone who has ever met her-loves her and knows she would always extend a hand to those in need.
We are having a fundraiser and this online silent auction for her. The Fundraiser/ Fish Fry itself is scheduled for the 25th of April at MacLean Park here in Lake Jackson, Texas and all are welcome to attend.

Our family has spent so much time on the road and at tracks around the country, all of our race family and friends are well spread out world wide, so we decided a cycle themed silent auction would be most suited for our situation. We have reached out to all of our past sponsors and have received a great response from all of them.
All of proceeds are going towards her current and future medical bills, treatment and future care.

About Fundraiser for Karen Deutschlander

Helping to raise funds for Karen's medical tests, treatment and care.

We also feel that it's necessary to help raise awareness about early onset dementia / Alzheimer's Disease. Often times when a younger person starts to notice that the words aren't making it out, or their once top notch math skills are slipping, they pass it off as a normal part of aging or just go straight into denial or blame it on something else. If you're experiencing this or see it happening to a loved one or friend, get it checked out - As soon as possible. There are a lot more options out there than you realize. It is possible to stall, or stop or even reverse a lot of the conditions/symptoms that fall under the "dementia" umbrella, especially if it's caught early enough. You are NOT alone in this and you don't need to feel like you are. If you don't have someone to talk to; Please, reach out to us. We are happy to share what we've learned in this short amount of time.

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