Jack Dodd Foundation & Showjumpers Club Auction

Jack Dodd Foundation
November 2019
08:00 AM CET
December 2019
05:21 PM CET

About Our Auction

Our 2019 auction is being held in support of the Jack Dodd Foundation and also the SJC Spring Tour 2020.

Lots in benefit of the Spring Tour are clearly labelled.

About Jack Dodd Foundation

Our objective, as the Jack Dodd Foundation, is to create an international community for riders and their families, providing them with support and access to all the tools they need to thrive — both as athletes and as individuals.
By taking a multi-level approach, we hope to tackle several problem areas and ensure that all riders have equal access to tools and information and are supported in growing both as people and athletes. In providing riders with an identity in and outside of sport, we hope to give them the necessary skills to support long term growth.
In order to reach these goals, we will be taking three approaches:
1 - The development of an online platform and database in order to encourage riders to form a wide network amongst their peers and professionals from various supporting industries.
2 - The growth of a fund which will support injured riders and their families in times of need.
3 - Ongoing annual support of several charities who were integral to Jack’s own battle:
- The Brain battle fund
- The Showjumper’s Club, Injured riders fund
- The Irish Kidney Foundation

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