IOLBC Online Quilt Auction

Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps
August 2023
08:00 AM CDT
August 2023
06:05 PM CDT
GOAL $12,000.00
67.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

The ministry of Ingham Okoboji touches countless lives every year. It was great to be able to offer all of our camp weeks this summer for youth camps, family camps, and day camps! Help us continue in ministry by providing a place for campers to grow in faith and experience God. Any contribution to this fundraiser will help the financial needs of staffing, facility upkeep, and regular operations of ministry.

These quilts and items are part of a larger auction. This online auction will start Friday, August 4th at 8 am and end Monday, August 7th at 6 pm.

This is part of Ingham Okoboji's biggest fundraising weekend with a goal of raising $60,000. To check out more details of this big weekend, to view all of the quilts for this year's live auction, and to see safety measures being taken please go to

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About Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camps

Our mission is simple: "To know Jesus Christ and to make Christ known to all." Discovering God the Father and Creator through the beauty of creation, experiencing the Holy Spirit's renewing power through caring community, and receiving the life-giving good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is what makes camping ministry so impactful for every person in every generation. It's not new. We can't even take ownership of this. This goes back to the Apostle Paul. He wanted to "know" Jesus Christ (Philippians 3) and include everyone in the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. There were no boundaries--Paul made himself adaptable to meet the needs of all people with the good news (1 Corinthians 9). This is what drives us, too.

Everything we do--from camp programs to staff interaction to outreach and relationships--is done for the sake of knowing Jesus Christ. By "knowing" we do not mean just mental understanding or knowing a story or two about Jesus. Knowing is experience. Everyone who comes into contact with IOLBC will hopefully have a real experience of the Lord Jesus Christ through us and what we offer. Knowing is also a process. It's relational, and we hope and pray that those who come into contact with us will continue the journey of knowing Jesus alongside us for years to come.

This is, in fact, our legacy. Our camp has been around for over 90 years. Many people who set foot on our camp grounds become partners, friends, even family. We have seen generations of families continue to grow in faith and discipleship over many years, passing on faith to next generations. We look forward to future generations. We plan for it.

Whether it's through youth camps at our Ingham site, youth and family camps at Okoboji, Day Camps in partner congregations, weekend Recharges for youth, adult retreats, or through our BEYOND Ministries, we serve to pass on historic Christian faith and practice to strengthen in youth, families, and churches the witness to the wonderful, good news of Jesus Christ. To read more about these, check out our website.

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