Indus Relief 2022

Indus Relief 2022
September 2022
12:15 PM BST
September 2022
07:00 PM BST
GOAL £35,000.00
100.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Pakistan is grappling with an unprecedented national emergency caused by a super flood. Over a thousand people have lost their lives, more than 300 of whom were children, 50 million have been internally displaced, entire villages have been destroyed, nearly a million livestock lost, and tens of thousands of homes washed away overnight. The scale of disaster is immense and the number of casualties is rising. One in six Pakistanis have already been badly affected by the super flood. This is climate change and a lack of disaster preparedness at its worst.

All funds raised from this auction will be donated to NGOs we have vetted. The NGOs we have chosen to donate to are: Legal Aid Society, the Edhi Foundation, Child Life Foundation and Indus Earth Trust.
(1) Legal Aid Society is a non-profit NGO operating in Sindh since 2013. Their flood relief efforts are directed through their pre-existing offices and networks, and focus on dry ration donations to the most vulnerable. More information can be found at:
(2) Edhi Foundation is a registered non-profit social welfare organisation operating in Pakistan since 1951. They have the largest and most organised relief system in Pakistan, including in all disaster-affected areas.
(3) Child Life Foundation is a registered non-profit which provides free-of-cost, quality emergency care to children. They operate 12 children Emergency Rooms across Pakistan. The funds donated will contribute to running Emergency Rooms in flood-hit areas.
(4) Indus Earth Trust is a registered non-profit established in 2000 to promote sustainability in rural areas in Pakistan. The funds donated will be used for rehabilitation and post-disaster reconstruction.

We will update all our progress on our Instagram page @indusrelief2022.

Note: The winning bidder will be sent an email with payment instructions. All payments must be made in 24 hours to our GoFundMe page -

About Indus Relief 2022

We are facing a monumental tragedy. As three friends from Sindh, we are horrified and heartbroken. We are organising donations for immediate relief for Upper Sindh as state services and care is invisible and absent. We will give all funds raised here to organisations working in these areas that we have vetted and chosen.

We will update all our progress on our Instagram page @indusrelief2022. You can either donate directly on our gofundme page, or participate via this online auction and upcoming masterclasses.

All funds will directly benefit vulnerable families in Upper Sindh who have lost loved ones, homes, cattle, crops, and livelihood.

This fundraiser is organised by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Menaal Munshey, and Fatima Bhutto. For more information, please visit our instagram page @indusrelief2022

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