Holiday Alley Art Auction 2018

November 2018
04:00 PM CDT
December 2018
07:00 AM CST
GOAL $5,000.00
61.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

Engineer-turned-artist Majid Kermani has harvested driftwood from the banks of the Red River in Selkirk, Manitoba to create a majestic elk - 16 feet tall!

Also Selkirk artists have whimsically painted ice fishing shacks to create Art on Ice - public art that can double as garden sheds or kids play houses in the summer.

And a giant wood crafted daisy can nestle your garden this summer and blooms rain or shine.

The art is part of larger auction on and will be finish off in in a live auction with proceeds shared with the artists and the Homes for All Fund at the Selkirk & District Community Foundation.

About Holiday Alley

Holiday Alley is a winter street festival in the core of Selkirk, Manitoba's old downtown.

The free two-day festival will take over Manitoba Ave. East, a block of the city’s downtown, and will be showered with light, art, sound and creativity for the first weekend in December.

Holiday Alley is an expansion of very successful Homes for the Holidays: House and Heritage Tours, which is now in its fourth year. Profits from Holiday Alley and Homes for the Holidays are shared with Homes for All Fund at the Selkirk and District Community Foundation.

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Live Event Information

Come down to Holiday Alley - Manitoba Ave. in Selkirk, MB to make your final in-person LIVE bids for this incredible art piece!

Live bidding begins at 5:00PM SHARP in front of the Gwen Fox Gallery.

If you cannot make it to this event, but would like to continue bidding for this art piece - please feel free to call, text or email Kit at 204-955-7523 or to place your proxy bid.

See you on Holiday Alley!