High Altitude Art Auction

August 2017
08:00 PM PDT
August 2017
05:30 PM PDT
GOAL $1,500.00
27.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Kasey Fagerquist is heading to Nepal in September 2018. Why? To hike and take awesome pictures but MORE IMPORTANTLY to help out with education projects organized by THISWORLDEXISTS. (www.thisworldexists.org)

Sorung Chhabise is a disadvantaged region in Eastern Nepal that THISWORLDEXISTS set their sights on to make a difference. By addressing education, THISWORLDEXISTS hopes to help communities and families escape the cycle of poverty.

Please note that all proceeds will be going directly to the education projects. No portion from this auction is being used for Kasey's travel expenses.

Online bidding will end at 5:30 pm before our live event. Come join us and see all the artwork in person!

August 19th, 2017

6 - 9 pm
In-person bidding ends at 8:30 pm

@ Announcement LA
1499 E 4th St. Ste 107
Los Angeles, CA 90033


Didn't get to bid online or in person but still want an item? Contact me at kasey.fagerquist@gmail.com and let me know you're interested !


THISWORLDEXISTS mixes adventure, travel and volunteer opportunities.

That feeling you get when you volunteer is something addictive. You see the meaning and feel the opportunities that education provides these disadvantaged communities in which we visit. It is our intention to create a community that rethinks the way they travel. Whilst going on unique adventure travel opportunities, a small volunteer aspect and relatively small financial investment in the community has dramatic effects on their future opportunities.

Come and travel the world with us.

We promise it will be one hell of an adventure and the volunteer element will be one of the most special things you will ever experience.

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Live Event Information

August 19th, 2017

6 - 9 pm
Silent Auction ends at 8:30 pm

@ Announcement LA
1499 E 4th St. Ste 107
Los Angeles, CA 90033