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Heroes at Highclere

Heroes at Highclere | 8th and 9th September
August 2018
01:00 PM BST
September 2018
09:20 PM BST
GOAL £25,000.00
86.0% To Goal

Heroes at Highclere

This online auction is to raise money to support those who serve and those who save in today’s world, in conjunction with our charity weekend 'Heroes at Highclere' on 8th and 9th September 2018.

We are supporting a wealth of charities from the UK and 'The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors' (TAPS) from the United States.
Where a lot is described as 'in aid of' a charity, the charity named will receive all the money raised by that lot. Where not described as such, the total money from these remaining lots will be pooled and split across all the charities we are supporting. If you have not found something you would like to bid on but would like to donate to our charities, click 'Donate' in the top right of this screen to do so.

For more information about our charity weekend and to join us: https://highclerecastleshop.co.uk/categories/heroes-at-highclere

About Heroes at Highclere | 8th and 9th September

The Earl and Countess of Carnarvon have chosen this weekend to welcome people to Highclere to mark the centenary of the end of WW1 with costumes, vintage cars, airshows, exhibitions, cream tea and more!

“This weekend is to raise money for those who serve and those who save. There were many heroes who both died and survived during those terrible years as there are today. The lives of veterans or doctors, nurses or journalists were and are compromised in ways we can barely understand. Join us to support them. We hope Heroes at Highclere 2018 will be a fascinating and meaningful weekend” ~ Lady Carnarvon

For more information about our charity weekend click here: https://highclerecastleshop.co.uk/categories/heroes-at-highclere

Heroes at Highclere is kindly sponsored by Viking Cruises.

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