Guthrie Theater Silent Art Auction

March 2021
01:00 PM EST
April 2021
02:00 PM EDT
GOAL $2,000.00
53.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

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This year with the Covid19 pandemic, our small, nonprofit theater, like so many small businesses, took a major hit and had to be shut down for a short period of time. Our desire is to see "the Queen of Broad Street" restored to her former glory and to have a plethora of productions, events, programs and films to serve our community. We truly and passionately believe in the power of the arts. We want the theater to be a place where the arts can flourish, starting with this auction!
We have collected art from many talented, local artists who so generously donated their work to help us in our cause. We believe in artists and we are grateful for them believing in us!
The proceeds from this auction will go towards the following things we are hoping and planning for the near future:

*Upcoming theatrical productions
*Arts workshops for children and adults
*Films and festivals
*Future events, including a mystery dinner theater gala
*A beautification project, designed and painted by our inhouse artists and art directors. Our plan is to paint murals in the interior inspired by the glorious art deco era, including portraits of some of your favorite artists and film stars.

Here at the Guthrie, we love art, we love story, and we love our community.

Our mission is to foster an appreciation and create a space for the expression of art and beauty in our community. We are committed to serving the Grove City area through high-quality music, theatre, and entertainment.

​We believe that art can be a conduit of truth, that beauty can inspire us to be better, and that music and stories can draw us to love one another. In a world that so often drives us apart, we believe that the arts can bring us together.

About Veritas Academy of the Arts

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