Grill for Good 2020

Grill For Good
August 2020
At Midnight PDT
September 2020
11:45 PM PDT
GOAL $125,000.00
4.8% To Goal

About Our Auction

All Proceeds will go towards For a Reason (FAR). The primary mission is to help fulfill the educational aspirations of impoverished students through tuition assistance, educational materials, and family support. Once committed to a student, FAR promises to accompany them throughout their educational journey – elementary to university and professional training.
FAR also works to strengthen the schools our students attend. Through a partnership with the University of Redlands we provide week long teacher training to under-educated teachers in rural Haiti. We also work with Partners in Agriculture to develop a school Goat and Garden project that educates families in sustainable gardening and livestock care.
For a Reason is committed to our students. We know that education provides an open door to the future and a safe environment for the present. When we accompany our students in their educational journeys we convey our faith in their abilities and resilience; we want to encourage their hard work and to believe that they will support others someday.
It is, as we say, giving for a reason, working for a reason, and living for a reason.
We recognize the enormity of the undertaking, but our resolve is steadfast and our dreams are BIG!
We invite you to share our commitment to students and join us at For a Reason: making our world a better place – one student, one family, one community at a time.

About Grill For Good

When Barbara Nureddine visited Haiti, known to be the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, for the first time, she thought she was prepared for what she would encounter. She wasn't. No one is. "The unrelenting poverty - family after family, community after community - is almost more than one can take in," according to Nureddine.
But take it she did, and upon returning home she and her husband, Mark Nureddine, owner of Bull Outdoor Products, partnered with For A Reason (FAR) a non profit working in rural Haiti to educate children.
The couple went on to establish the "Grill for Good" campaign bringing businesses and the Lodi community together to support the For A Reason scholarship program and school development in the most impoverished regions of rural Haiti.
In two years, the Grill for Good campaign has raised over $75,000. Two kitchen facilities for rural school communities are under construction, one family home has been rebuilt, children have received lunches at their schools and more students have been able to continue their education. Nureddine points out that in a country where fewer than 50% of the population attends school
beyond the sixth grade, helping families keep their children in school is important for the country's development.
Since her first visit to Haiti, Nureddine has returned several times, taking her two younger children with her. "My children know they are fortunate and our travels have helped them grow up as compassionate, giving individuals. The support of the Lodi community has been heartwarming. Together we really are changing the world!"

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