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June 2014
08:00 AM EDT
July 2014
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Green Meadow Farm was founded with the heart to specifically help emotionally hurting children and young adults ages 5-18 through the use of horses and farm life. Providing uniquely tailored horse lessons free of charge, we focus on helping the youth by pairing them with one horse and a leader. By working together, we strive to bring healing, strength, and restored joy in their journeys. Growing up in today’s world presents challenges that can affect a child’s sense of identity and well-being. Family struggles, social or academic issues, or simply life’s hard circumstances can affect our children’s ability to have a positive outlook on life. We have found that time with the horse and a mentor is therapeutic and wonderful!
The lessons provided at Green Meadow Farm are completely free of charge to the students and their families. Green Meadow Farm is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous donations of others to remain in operation. The funds raised through this auction will be used directly towards our horses and their daily needs, and the maintenance of our facility and its structures.
Thank you so much for looking through the wonderful items we have available in this auction and for considering being part of our mission to bring refreshment, renewal, and rest to hurting children and families in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

About Green Meadow Farm

Green Meadow Farm, located in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a centuries old farm nestled next to a creek and rolling meadows. For many years, it was home to flocks of sheep and chickens. Now, it is houses five wonderful horses who work together with Green Meadow Farm's staff of volunteer instructors who give of their time and passion to touch the lives of children who are struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges.

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