Great Escape Auction

Wayfinder Schools
November 2022
At Midnight EST
January 2023
At Midnight EST

The Great Escape Auction

We're excited to announce the return of the Great Escape Auction! Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway, a family excursion, or a retreat with friends, we have something for you! This year, the online auction will run from November 25th and close at the end of day on New Year's day. This will be a great opportunity to bid on or purchase escape packages for friends or family in time for the holidays.

This year's Great Escape auction will again feature some of the best escapes in Maine, as well as art from local Maine artists, Wayfinder staff, and Wayfinder students. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIN for updates, and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter by contacting us at

Click on "All Items" to the left to see all the items available to bid on!

Please note that any items bought outright by December 12th will be mailed that week for the holidays. Package winners will receive a printable certificate to give to a friend or loved one, and all art will be mailed to winners directly.

*You do not need to use all of the items in a package in one consecutive weekend/all at once*

About Wayfinder Schools

Each year, Wayfinder serves 65 Maine youth who have struggled in traditional school settings and need a second chance at high school graduation. Your support makes all the difference as our students strive to reach their graduation goals. Thank you!

"Wayfinder literally changed my life. I’m getting my permit. I got CPR/First Aid certified. I’m going to be able to have a diploma. I got an education without dropping out. I’ll be forever grateful.” -Emily, Class of 2023

“Enrolling in this program saved my life. Before Passages I was very lost when it came to school. I thought I was going to drop out at one point. Wayfinder allowed me to work at my own pace and focus on real life core skills. Wayfinder was a life-changer for me. I've learned so many useful life skills during my time in this program that will help me with my future. I have been accepted to college in the Human Services program and I am excited to begin my next chapter. Thank you for the amazing experience.” -Autumn, Class of 2023

“If you are thinking about attending Wayfinder you should know that they are very nice and helpful. If you are having trouble with course work they are good at answering any questions that you may have. If you have trouble focusing in a public school setting, the one-on-one meetings with the teachers may work better for you like they did for me. Another thing to know about Wayfinder is if there is a career you are interested in or want to pursue they will help you and connect you to people in the field you're interested in. Thanks Wayfinder!” -Ethan, Class of 2023

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