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The 5th Annual Great Chair Auction and More!

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September 2018
05:00 PM EDT
September 2018
12:03 AM EDT

The 5th Annual Great Chair Auction and More!

Youth Center, Inc. is proud to once again sponsor the Great Chair Auction & More. This year's auction includes a variety of other furniture pieces as well as chairs and it offers a unique blend of beautiful works by local artists and craftsmen. Best of all, this is all online!

About Youth Center Inc.

Youth Center Inc. has been providing services to the Northern Berkshire youth community and their families. In recent years the Center has been able to expand the scope of the services it offers, reaching increasing numbers of youth in the community.

Youth Center Inc. was established in 1974 to serve youth, teens, adults, and families of Northern Berkshire by the efforts of Harold Levesque and the Adams Lions Club. The goal of Youth Center Inc. is to promote comprehensive, individual development through community–based educational, recreational and supportive activities to families and youth of the community. Age-appropriate, educational activities are designed to help with each child’s healthy development.

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