Grassroots of Grassland Songwriter's Night 2020

February 2020
10:00 PM CST
February 2020
09:30 PM CST
GOAL $7,000.00
114.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Grassroots of Grassland is Grassland Elementary's Songwriter's Night held at the historic Franklin Theatre. We will have a night of music and a silent/online auction to raise funds for the Music and Art departments of Grassland Elementary. We are lucky to live in such a supportive community, where music is an integral part of life. Thanks to the generous donations of the Grassland and Greater Nashville Community families, organizations and businesses that make this event a success!

About Grassroots of Grassland

Grassroots of Grassland is excited to host our 5th annual Silent Auction at The Franklin Theatre Friday, February 28th- closing at 9:30pm CST

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