Faux Fun & 6x6 Fundraiser

Grants Pass Museum of Art
February 2023
01:00 AM PST
February 2023
09:00 PM PST
GOAL $19,790.00
62.7% To Goal

About Our Auction

To kick off the Grants Pass Museum of Art's essential fundraising for 2023, we are excited to announce that we have two concurrent exhibitions and auctions. Faux Fun and 6x6 fundraisers are designed to start the year on the right foot financially, giving the museum time to engage the community and have some fun!

Artists have created and donated the art to benefit the museum. It's also an excellent opportunity for art collectors to find something unique.

This year we have 16 Donations for Faux Fun and 369 donations for the 6x6 exhibit, submitted by 90 artists from all over the United States.

Faux Fun Auction Items: #500 - #515
Faux Fun art was created by a number of local artists. They worked very hard to make you stop and think a bit about what you are really seeing. These works vary in size - so look at them individually and explore. They will alternate as Featured Items for the duration of the auction. You can always find them from 500 - 515. Enjoy!

6x6 Auction Items: #001 - #369
These are from artists all around the united States. 90+ of them to be exact. Scroll through and pick your favorites. Many are famous artists in their own realms. This could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Are you looking for a specific artist, medium, or item number? You can utilize the search bar in the right-hand corner on the View All Items page.

By the way - the goal of $19,790 was derived from the time the museum became an entity in 1979. It would be really amazing if we could reach our goal with your support. Thank you!

About Grants Pass Museum of Art

The Grants Pass Museum of Art has been the primary resource for exhibitions and collections of fine art in the city since 1979. Located in the heart of the historic downtown area, our galleries offer opportunities for learning, introspection, and connection with cultures from around the world.

GPMA Mission: To enrich people's lives from all walks of life by offering art experiences that stimulate the senses, intrigue the intellect, and bring joy to the spirit.

In its 44th year – the museum is proud of its many accomplishments.

Art exhibitions, the main focus of the museum, come from near and far.

Hundreds of children visit the museum on field trips or after school and summer classes.

Adults can experience art in workshops and are comfortable coming back over and over.

First Friday is a time for the community to join together. The museum is a downtown hub.

Independent musicians from all around the world vote the museum as a favorite venue.

Films and other events are highlights throughout the year and are enjoyed by many.

The museum is a keeper of Southern Oregon's visual culture and has an ever-expanding permanent collection of artworks.

Grants Pass Museum of Art is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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