Freshwater Skatepark

Freshwater Parish Council
February 2024
11:15 AM GMT
March 2024
11:45 PM GMT

About Our Auction

Freshwater Parish Council are fundraising to build a new Skatepark and pump track.

The old skatepark is coming to the end of its life with repairs and upkeep becoming increasingly costly. It has served its purpose and has always been popular, but its design and location doesn’t fit with current thinking. The old skatepark, was closed after a ROSPA safety report deemed the equipment beyond economical repair. In a bid to extend its life by another year, the Freshwater Parish Council initiated repairs over the summer of 2023. Yet, recognizing the financial challenges of maintaining the aging facility, the council is now compelled to seek a more sustainable solution.

Freshwater Parish Council awarded the tender to Gravity Skateparks Ltd to build a new Skatepark and a pump track on Stroud Recreation Ground. Freshwater Parish Council are to invest £120K into the project and are now looking at all avenues of Community Fundraising to try and match the funding from the Parish. We are looking at Grants, Fund Raising, Sponsorship and Advertising.

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