Forever Freddy Memorial Auction

Fredrickson Family Memorial Foundation, Inc.
August 2020
08:00 AM PDT
August 2020
06:11 PM PDT

About Our Auction

To honor Sean, Hayden, Sofie and Quinn who passed away in a plane crash on July 5th, the community has pulled together to offer this auction as a way to raise money to support The Fredrickson Family Memorial Foundation Inc. 100% of the auction proceeds will help fund the FREDDY Initiative (Forming Relationships to Expand Diversity and Develop Youth) and will provide opportunities in golf for women and youth who wouldn't typically have had the chance. The Fredrickson Family Memorial Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit created by Sean's surviving spouse, April. (Foundation Tax ID: 85-2244248)

About Fredrickson Family Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Founded in 2020 to honor the legacy of Sean K. “Freddy” Fredrickson, an award winning PGA Golf Professional, Sean set a high bar for his fellow professionals. His belief in providing opportunities for underprivileged youth was second to none. Through his involvement with his home clubs and as a leader in the Oregon Chapter and Pacific Northwest Section PGA, Sean led the charge to bring mentoring to the conversation throughout our association. He personally started the first Mentoring Committee and later assisted in developing the first Mentoring Conference in the nation, as he saw the importance in giving back to others as he benefitted from those before him.

Sean’s surviving spouse, April Upchurch Fredrickson, has formed a foundation – The Fredrickson Family Memorial Foundation, Inc. – to create an avenue for the PGA to assist her in efforts to perpetuate Sean’s vision. As Sean believed that we all benefitted from and through mentoring, our goal and purpose of this Initiative becomes more clearly defined.

OUR GOAL: To provide opportunities to underprivileged youth and young adults. Offering them a chance to gain experience in the golf industry at green grass facilities. Individuals in the FREDDY Initiative will be mentored by PGA Professionals and their staffs at these facilities gaining first hand working knowledge of the golf industry while networking with various departments in the overall facility.

Fredrickson Family Memorial Foundation, Inc. Tax ID: 85-2244248

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