Christmas for the Children of Sudre, Haiti

Espwa Demen Inc.
November 2021
12:15 AM EDT
November 2021
11:45 PM EST

About Our Auction

On August 14th 2021, an earthquake hit the south of Haiti and the town of Sudre was heavily impacted where so many people lost their lives. A large number of the population lost their homes.

One of Espwa Demen's programs is the annual Christmas party for the children of Sudre. Even though the hall where that party is usually held at no longer exist due to the earthquake, we refuse to let the children down. Our organization wants to bring them joy with a toy, laughter with music and smiles with a hot meal.

With your biddings and donations we will be able to make that magical day happen.

About Espwa Demen Inc.

Espwa Demen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded on November 23rd, 2019 by Karm-Syndia Augustin.

Our mission is to provide a secure pathway to a better tomorrow to the children and young adults of Haiti, specifically Sudre (Kasid). We are doing so through education, health and nutrition programs such as annual summer camps, Christmas celebration, health seminars etc.

The members of our organization are as followed:

US Board Members
Karm-Syndia, Jodly Delia, Valerie A. Christian, Cassandra Lafleur, Sem Lafleur, Vanessa Azemar.

Port-au-Prince Members
Marie-France Sainclair, Emmanuela Francois, Medgine Delia, Valens Delisca.

Sudre ( Kasid) Members
Francio Billy, Carline Pierre-Louis, Ila-France, Frankel Delia, Pere Adam

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