Water for Esperancita

Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua
April 2022
05:00 AM EDT
May 2022
05:00 PM EDT
GOAL $28,000.00
36.2% To Goal

About Our Auction

Help us raise $28,000 to build a water system for the rural community of Esperancita. Our goal is to provide 35 families with clean potable water, in an area where the only water source is a nearby river contaminated with runoff from coffee plantations. Clean water means a healthier, brighter future for these families and their children.

About Sister Communities of San Ramon, Nicaragua

SCSRN partners with San Ramón, Nicaragua to support education and community development initiatives that build friendship, understanding, environmental preservation, and respect for human rights.
Sister Communities of San Ramón, Nicaragua is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

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