endeavOR Adventures Auction 2022

endeavOR New Mexico
November 2022
08:00 AM MDT
December 2022
05:03 PM MST
GOAL $15,000.00
65.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

If you ever wanted to experience New Mexico's great outdoors, this auction is for you. Whatever outdoor adventure you are seeking, you'll probably find an activity here that you'll just love!!!

These outdoor recreation (OR) auction items have been donated by endeavOR members to ensure our alliance remains sustainable for years to come and continues to expand the outdoor recreation (OR) economy, engage the OR community and expand the OR experience.

The auction funds will be used to support efforts to ensure our OR businesses and organizations are more successful, get more underserved New Mexico youth outdoors and introduce them to potential OR careers, and develop more OR infrastructure and offerings for New Mexico residents and visitors alike.

These funds will be used to make OR in New Mexico bigger and better! If you don't find an auction item to bid on, you can always make a donation to us using the button at the top of the page!

About endeavOR New Mexico

endeavOR New Mexico is the state's outdoor recreation (OR) business alliance. Our vision is to be a balanced and unified voice for the OR industry. Our mission is to expand the OR economy, engage the OR community and enhance the OR experience.

endeavOR celebrated its 2-yr anniversary in August 2022. Over 200 members statewide have joined the Alliance.

This is our 2nd auction and the funds will be used to sustain the Alliance and for projects and programs to enable our OR business and organization to be more successful; advocate to build a thriving OR economy; get more New Mexico youth outdoors and share OR career path opportunities; protect public lands; and support efforts to improve OR infrastructure, offerings, activities and amenities.

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