"Slam Dunk" Against Hunger

Elderbridge Agency on Aging
February 2024
08:00 AM CST
March 2024
08:00 PM CST
GOAL $25,000.00
92.6% To Goal

About Our Auction

If you have any questions about donating or you want to be a sponsor, please call:

Sue Anne Stoermer at 800-243-0678 or email her at sstoermer@elderbridge.com
Laura Allen at 800-243-0678 or email her at lallen@elderbridge.com.

Here are directions for bidders to sign up for the "Slam Dunk" Against Hunger 32Auctions.

Instructions for Bidders
To place a bid, you will be asked to create a login using an email address and password. Verify your email and you’re good to bid. Scroll through all the offerings and place your bids! Once the bid is submitted, you will get email updates so you don’t miss out on your favorite item! You can use your cell phone or computer to view and bid on items. Just enter the link above in any browser (there isn’t an app) and you can do everything online, including making a payment with PayPal or a credit card. For the savvy bidder, there is a “proxy” bid you can put in place that will identify the maximum you want to pay for an item but will only show the minimum bid to all viewers. If another person bids on that item, your bid will automatically increase up to the max you identified.

To make donations make checks to:
Elderbridge Agency on Aging
“Slam Dunk” Against Hunger Fundraiser”
% Jodi Presswood
1190 Briarstone Drive, Ste. 3
Mason City, IA 50401

Or you can use this link for PayPal:

The "WHY" of the fundraiser:

Older Iowans and their caregivers are experiencing food insecurity at an increasing rate due to inflation and the overall cost of living. Many rely on the Elderbridge congregate and home-delivered meals for their primary daily food intake.

State and federal funding for meal programs has not increased to meet the growing demand for older Iowans’ nutritional assistance.

Elderbridge is asking for assistance for our congregate and home-delivered meals. Sponsorship and donation support will assist us in reducing the need for waiting lists for our nutrition programs.

All donations received may be designated to specific meal sites/counties or the general nutrition budget and be sent directly to Elderbridge.

Under the Older Americans Act participants who meet the following criteria are considered Eligible diners and can eat with a confidential voluntary contribution.

• Any individual age 60 or older and that individual’s spouse (regardless of age)
• An individual with disabilities of any age who is living and dining with an individual 60 or over.
• An individual with disabilities of any age who is living in a senior housing complex where Senior Nutrition Program meals are served.
• A volunteer providing service during meal hours.

About Elderbridge Agency on Aging

The Elderbridge Story

We are an area agency on Aging in North Central, Northwest, and Central Iowa, currently serving a 29-county region.

Elderbridge has four offices in Mason City, Spencer, Carroll, and Fort Dodge. https://elderbridge.org/contact-info/

We provide information, guidance, and assistance in finding services for you, your spouse, parent, relative, or friend. We strive to enable older Iowans to live with dignity, well-being, and independence.

To the people we serve, these are our goals.

To help you make informed decisions
To easily access home and long-term care options
To help seniors remain in their homes as long as possible with a high quality of life
To stay active and healthy
To Connect With Elderbridge Agency on Aging call (800) 243-0678

Elderbridge is your local coordinated entry point for LifeLong Links Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs).

LifeLong Links ADRCs are where to call, click, or come in for help and get the latest information about all programs and services in Iowa that are there to assist older adults and disabled adults.

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